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Business Solar Rooftop Systems

In a Buiness or commercial location Electric bill share a major role of working expenses in general. Most of the current workplaces have huge number of PCs and other electronic gadgets, industrial equipment etc..,. For Commercial utilization use rooftops to produce your own capacity and appreciate continuous energy for quite a long time while simultaneously contribute towards economical turn of events and greener climate.

A perfectly arranged solar rooftop system can proficiently produce and supply power without utilizing grid-power. We can reduce costs by using solar panels and the reduced savings on off of utilizing grid power and diesel for running Diesel Gensets during power cuts. By utilizing solar rooftop system you can sell overabundance power produced back to DISCOMs to get compensation utilizing 'Net Metering' component.

Business solutions includes:


Power costs comprise a critical role generally in commercial places among their working expenses for a business foundation.

Factories & Industries

Reduce your organization dependency carbon band energy sources and reduce carbon footprints.


The cost of the farm produce is eventually reduced, when the water pumps, Mills & Cold Storage, where the food is processed are been powered with solar rooftop systems. Less Electricity consumption, More power production results in decrese in the prices of end product.