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Residential Solar Rooftop Systems

Many families in India, perceiving solar energy as a reliable and most economic way of generating electricity and have already installed solar rooftop systems. A huge number of homes and residential buildings have housetops that get a plentiful measure of daylight during the day. These rooftops can be used to outfit daylight to create power and satisfy power prerequisites in an eco-accommodating and feasible way alltime in the year.

A perfectly arranged solar rooftop system can proficiently produce and supply power without utilizing grid-power. We can reduce costs by using solar panels and the reduced savings on off of utilizing grid power and diesel for running Diesel Gensets during power cuts. By utilizing solar rooftop system you can sell overabundance power produced back to DISCOMs to get compensation utilizing 'Net Metering' component.

Residential solutions includes:

Homes and Villas

You can power your home with solar energy, save on high electricity and load a sustainable life style in comfort of your home.

Apartments & Gated Community

Go solar, cutdown on massive maintenance cost and make the way for green community.